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Become a Client

The onboarding process is really simple and easy to understand. After a consultation with a portfolio manager where your investment terms are discussed, a tailored portfolio is then designed. Please click the box below to enquire for a consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum investment level required to use our services, and we can tailor portfolios to suit almost any level of investment. However, we advise clients that to get started you need to invest a minimum of £10,000. Once an account is open clients are free to top up and add to their portfolio without any restrictions.

Your wine will be stored in an HMRC regulated storage facility called EHD. Your wines are kept at optimum levels ensuring you get the best price possible upon exit.

Wines are selected for a tailored strategy based upon the individuals terms of investment. Liquidity, time scales and risk profile.

You are not tied into a specific length of time investing into wine. However, to maximise on the profit potential we recommend to hold for a minimum of 3-5 years.

We charge a 5% fee upon entrance to the market, and a 5% fee on the exit. It’s therefore in our best interest to make our clients a return.

Yes, the bonded warehouse insurance covers the asset to full replacement value. The price for insurance is £10 for a 6x75cl case and £20 for a full case (12x75cl).

Become a Client