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We’ll guide you through each step and sip of whisky collecting. The process has taken us over a decade to master and optimise, and now we can share it with you.

Collect Wine

Collecting wine successfully requires strategic experience. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from storage and insurance to timescale and risk.

Measured in drams and made in distilleries, it’s more than just a drink. Studied and shared by our passionate team of whisky lovers. Collecting whisky is about being part of a community and making your mark in a 1000 year old story.

Join us for long-term plays that stand the test of time, not punts which change with the wind. Getting onboard with EW&W means enjoying the journey of a lifetime, for the rest of your lifetime.


About Us

They say the longest journeys start with a single step, for us it was a single sip of Bordeaux that began our adventure into the whisky and wine world. Founded in 2012 as a cohort of connoisseurs, we’ve since grown our operations to world-class levels.

The EW&W team has unrivalled expertise in the burgeoning whisky and wine markets. Our experience combined with having access to the best market data continues to put us in an ideal position to help collectors diversify and optimise their portfolios. 


What To Expect

You’ll join an exclusive club of collectors who receive our exceptional service and enjoy watching their portfolios go from strength to strength. With our expertise and the best market data on hand, collecting with EW&W is a smooth, seamless experience.

As well as our personalised, professional advice, you’ll get insights and educational nuggets to help you become a connoisseur of rare whisky and wine. Our desire is for your knowledge and passion for whisky and wine to grow in parallel with your collections.


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Important Notice

Unfortunately, fraud is so common these days that we would like to remind you to be vigilant. Elite Wine And Whisky Ltd works closely with our trusted bank, HSBC, to prevent fraudulent activity. We would invite you to call our main telephone number on 020 3475 2553 to confirm our bank details before making any purchases through us.

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