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Investing in fine wine and whisky brings a host of benefits. To start with, the addition of a new asset, such as fine wine or whisky, to an investment portfolio provides important diversification, which mitigates risk and reduces levels of volatility – wine and whisky are both tax-free assets that perform consistently while providing portfolio protection in a way that traditional financial assets fail to offer.

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Elite has gone from strength to strength as a business over the years. We’re extremely proud of the excellent personal service we offer to our clients and the way in which our team upholds the core values of the business.

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What Our Clients Says

We asked some of our clients about their experience of the fine wine market at one of our previous wine tasting events.

What Our Client Says

We asked some of our clients about their experience of the fine wine market at one of our recent wine tasting events.

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Here at Elite Wine and Whisky we focus heavily on our exit strategy. Making sure that you can trade your cellar in a timely and efficient manner has always been a major priority. 


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We have been made aware of a number of scams and attempted frauds through phone calls, emails and letters claiming to be representatives of Elite Wine And Whisky. We are not affiliated with any other company so if are you contacted and feel it is suspicious please contact us on our main office line. Remember, we WILL NOT ask you to part with funds to sell your portfolio!