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These are crucial ingredients in the process

Perfect provenance has become increasingly critical in ensuring wines reach their maximum value at the point of exit.

At Elite Wine & Whisky we store all of our stock and client wine at the HMRC regulated EHD London No.1 Bond in Middlesex. Once used to build fighter jets during the war, the underground bunker now houses tens of millions of pounds worth of fine wine stock. Finding a long-term partner in the bonded storage industry can be hard. We have been using EHD for the past 8 years now and as a privately-owned family business, EHD’s truly personalised, hands on service is one of the many reasons we chose to work with them and we have maintained a great relationship over the years.

Why us?

Wines stored in OWC hold the most market desirability and dictate the best prices. Non-OWC cases can sometimes do the opposite.

Wines that have been removed from bond, and thus have had the Excise Duty and VAT paid on them (DP), will generally command a lesser price than those which have never been removed from bond. In-bond cases are far more desirable than duty paid cases as they can offer immaculate provenance.

The Prooftag system enables validation on all bottles of fine wine upon request. A number of the most sought after wine brands have been taking measures to battle counterfeit trade that has sadly been found due to wine prices soaring.

It is important that every wine collector has their own personal account at a bonded facility, so that all wines purchased are then under ownership of the account holder. This ensures capital protection and complete control of the asset.

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