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Much like rare whisky, the Fine Wine market has an impressive performance history. It beats almost every other major financial index over the past two decades – it’s easy to see why so many collectors and wealth managers are backing the bottles in their portfolios. 

Fine wine has also proven to be less volatile than financial markets and less susceptible to market downturns, making it a favourable and popular hedge against recession, inflation and currency devaluation. While other collectors endure dips, ours enjoy sips as their portfolios diversify and grow.

Diversify your portfolio

Some of the world’s wealthiest collectors bring fine wine into their portfolios because it reduces risk while offering promising returns year on year.

Demand is set to continue to grow exponentially, supported heavily by burgeoning interest from Asia. Only a mere 1% of all wine that’s made worldwide is deemed valuable enough to be considered a rare collectible, so this is a genuine opportunity to be part of a 1% club where desirability and stability are permanent fixtures.

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