Our Values

We’re always honest, direct, truthful and educational. That’s how we’ve built relationships that last so long.

We believe in passing on our knowledge so that the entire whisky-loving community can benefit.

In a sector of smoke and mirrors, we see ourselves as the guiding light for whisky investment enthusiasts.

Whenever our team interacts with anybody, we portray respect, integrity, trust and reliability.

We’re genuine, authentic, and relaxed. This means you’ll feel comfortable approaching us for a chat.

We genuinely love the ancient world of whisky and taking our clients on this exciting, lucrative journey.


Our History

10 years ago, we founded EW&W with a mission to make the burgeoning world of rare whisky and fine wine collecting more accessible. Today we find ourselves proudly interweaved in Scotland’s historic whisky scene while maintaining operations from the UK’s financial hub, London.

As well as having access to the best market data through our Liv-ex membership, we’re able to offer our clients an unrivalled, personal experience. This is due to our superior knowledge and the way in which we’ve grown our team. With honesty, integrity and proactiveness at the core of what we do, EW&W has become the go-to leaders for alternative collections on a global scale.

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