Plant a tree with each cask sold


In efforts to boost sustainability within the business as well as contribute to the whisky industries efforts to achieve net zero. EW&W are pleased to be partnering with Ecologi and we will be planting a tree for each cask purchased with us.

Forests around the world are greatly diminishing. A distressing prospect considering the vital function they play in everyday living conditions, the regulation of the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, the preservation of biodiversity, among other key things. Home to most of the world’s biodiversity, forests also play a crucial role in supporting the supply of water, and help to combat climate change.

Conifer sapling
aerial shot of road surrounded by green trees

Additionally, forests all over the world provide livelihoods for local communities and are essential for food production.

The whisky industry relies on oak trees in order to operate, oak is completely indispensable to the creation of whisky. Every Bourbon barrel uses between 45-55kg of wood. EW&W is committed to recompensate what we take from forests around the globe by pledging to plant a tree with each cask sold.

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