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Steve Bishop

Founder and Managing Director

Steve’s first recollection of his love for whisky and wine stems from his family holidays in Cannes growing up. With an early career in finance, Steve finally took the plunge and set up his own fine whisky & wine merchant back in 2012 with nothing more than a few cases of Bordeaux and a WSET Level 3 certification to his name.

Bringing honesty and integrity to the world of whisky cask collecting, over the past 10 years Steve has developed incredibly close relationships with some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

While he is not exploring the highlands or Hebrides of Scotland, searching for that perfect dram, he can be found on the golf course or travelling the world with his family. Whether you are a self-proclaimed whisky connoisseur or are yet to start your journey, Steve believes everyone should have access to some of Scotland’s finest treasures.

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Nick Green

Executive Director

Nick joined Elite Wine and Whisky ltd in 2013 as an investment director. Having previously traded fine wine and being an avid wine collector, his knowledge and confidence provided him with the right tools to become an integral part of the team quickly. Nick also has a history of asset management and a brief spell in the city trading CFD’s. With qualifications in business and fine wine he naturally began to develop as a senior figure in the company and in 2016 he became managing partner. Day to day, Nick oversees purchases, operations and heads up the company’s global strategies. 

Outside of the office Nick can be found spending time with his wife and children. He is also a huge football fan supporting West Ham United.

Favourite Tipple: Ridge Lytton Springs 2010

Thomas Johnson

London Office Manager & Head of Private Trade

Thomas started with us in December 2024 having previously worked with Steven & Nick in his 17 years in the wine and spirit trade.
Thomas has a world of knowledge across French wine and Scottish whisky.
Away from the office he loves spending time with his family and going to rugby. His one true obsession is building his personal collection of fine wine in his cellar.
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Oliver Vizard

Senior Portfolio Manager

There’s no greater testimonial than when one of your own clients joins your team. We knew we were great, but not that great. Oliver has been a core part of our team for three years now. 

It was on a family holiday in France, that Oliver’s love of wine started. Born in Oxford and raised in Henley-On-Thames it doesn’t come as a surprise that Oliver is a level 2 rowing coach and can coach and train up to an international level, they say you’re a product of your environment, most noticeable in this case, that’s true.

Aside from his love of whisky, Oliver has BSc Hons in Biomedicine and sports science from Bristol UWE and a Certificate in Scotch whisky from Edinburgh Whisky Academy.  Oliver is always on hand to assist clients with their whisky needs, and answer their most burning questions – so feel free to get in touch and put his knowledge to the test!

Harry Roberts

Senior Portfolio Manager

Having now been at the company for almost half a decade, Harry has quickly shown his understanding and in-depth knowledge of market trends. He has proven to be a vital asset to the team, but more so to the customers and their portfolios. Favouring wines from Italy, he has a great overview of their credibility and future forecasts. 

Outside of the wine and whisky world, Harry is a keen gym member and has completed the London Marathon.

Favourite Tipple: Sassicaia 2010


Charles Keller

New Account Manager

Charles is our longest standing member of the team having joined in 2013. He has grown organically with the company and is now an integral member.
Outside the office he is a keen Chelsea fan and can be found attending regular matches.
Favourite Tipple: Montrose 2010
Charles Keller

Alex Rout

New Account Manager

Alex’s passion for Whisky comes from his fathers integral role at a distillery in the late 90s. Following in his footsteps his love for the liquid has earned him a position as a consultant. His energy and willingness to learn has made him a key member of the team.

Outside of the office, Alex loves to travel. With a keen interest in hiking he boasts the completion of climbing the Ben Nevis. 

Favourite Tipple: Talisker 10 year old.

Maisie Keller


Maisie joined Elite in 2017 straight from East Surrey College where she successfully passed all her desired qualifications. Our youngest team member, Maisie, has developed a keen taste for wine and is eager to pass her WSET courses soon. Being part of logistics has seen her ensure a high standard of work and has an all round great attitude. 

Outside the office she can be found in clubs performing as a singer. As talented as she is we hope to see her on X-factor one day!

Favourite Tipple: Dom Perignon Rose 2006

Sophie Tapping

Sophie Tapping


Sophie joined us in 2021. We are delighted to welcome her as part of the team.

Outside of work she enjoys fitness and socialising. 

Favourite Tipple: Taittinger 2006

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