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Part 1. Why Buy Whisky?

The Whisky market has entered a golden age, but why? In this video you’ll learn why the surging demand for rare whisky casks has created an appreciating asset class over a 10 – 15 year period.

Part 2. How to Store Your Whisky

If you’re purchasing a  whisky cask, you want to know that it’s in safe hands. In this video you’ll learn where your whisky will be stored, how its safety is ensured and what the ‘angel’s share’ means for the appreciation of your a

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How to Exit the Whisky Market

In this video you’ll learn about the various exit strategies of the whisky market. These include selling your cask back to the market, selling back to distilleries or even selling it at auction or to independent bottlers

Bonus Video:
Behind the Scenes

Join us as we take you behind the scenes of our recent trip to Scotland where we had the opportunity to tour some of the distilleries we’re working with, gain a deeper understanding of the production process and sample a dram or two of the liquid gold.

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