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Your casks of whisky can only be stored in government bonded warehouses, which allows your stock to be secure without payment of duty giving, in turn, a cost effective asset. At Elite Wine & Whisky we ensure that all stock is correctly stored only with HMRC-regulated storage facilities, providing the safe and secure storage of the whisky. Our partnered facilities share our passion for whisky, and all casks can be stored at their facility for any length of time.

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The HMRC manages all companies dealing in whisky brokering, with help from the Scottish Whisky Association and must hold appropriate licences with HMRC, by undergoing a thorough application process to gain a licence called a WOWGR. This process requires many checks with HMRC, background information, business plans and applications to trade with reputable brokers.

All stock purchased through us is stored in a bonded warehouse and will be insured after paying a small fee, depending on the size of stock which covers fire, theft and water damage; should this occur,  you will be compensated for the price of the current market value. All casks are stored at our bonded warehouse in Scotland and rare bottlings will be stored in our EHD bonded warehouse which has the same insurance policy.

After confirmation of purchase, you will receive a Title Deed Certificate outlining which casks you own. These casks have all been registered with the bonded warehouse and the original distillery that gives you authenticity of the cask, and allows you to sell your cask through other channels if you wish.

The value of premium whisky is largely determined by age, as well as the quality of the distillery and brands they release. Considered to be the most valuable are Single Malt whisky’s which occupy the higher end of the spectrum,compared to the blends. While this is true, all blends are a mix of younger and older single malts to gain the flavors that they wish to acquire, so this means investment in casks gives you a greater scope to sell your product for either single malts, or blends. While all whisky increases in value over time, some increase more than others.

Once the cask has been transferred into your ownership, you are able to sell at any time of your choosing. For casks, we recommend a minimum of three years in order to get great returns, but the investment can be held for as long as you wish. The returns depend largely on the brand and how long you hold the whisky. We advise our clients that a typical return per annum ranges from 12% to 15%.

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