A million bottles of whisky set to sail from Scotland to Far East

Some exciting news for the whisky world, Scotland’s deepest container terminal at Clydeport welcomed its first cargo ship, the Allseas Pioneer, last week, carrying textiles, furniture, and toys. It will also depart with over one million bottles of whisky.

This is a great indication that Greenock is a significant player in Northern Europe’s international trade network, and consequently, Scotland is an economically vibrant and globally engaged nation. In light of rising expenses, Scotland is seizing every chance to strengthen every aspect of Scottish society to preserve as many jobs as possible. This new route will assist them to do just that.

Scotland already draws more foreign direct investment than any other part of the UK outside London, thanks to the wide variety of high-quality products and services available there.

A direct shipping route between Scotland and the Far East has just been established, cutting trading time in half and avoiding Rotterdam, which has hampered some trade in the past. Furthermore, it will help counter the increasing pressures on global shipping routes.

The partnership is said to be a “game changer” by the managing director of KC Group Shipping, one of the three companies involved. He says he has been “amazed at the level of immediate interest” from Scottish and Chinese companies.

Read the full article written by Angus Robertson, member of the Scottish National Party and serves as the MSP for Edinburgh Central and Constitution, External Affairs, and Culture here.

Following this news, the future looks prosperous for business between Asia and Scotland, and subsequently it is an excellent opportunity to begin collecting whisky casks.

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