Ardbeg is absolutely iconic. It was once the largest distillery on the island but now it’s the second smallest, yet its worldwide appeal and fanbase is massive. There’s a strong community which is growing year on year, keeping Ardbeg on the map.

The elements at Ardbeg conjure up sweet, smoky, light citrus notes. That tropical, fruitiness is a theme that seems to run through Islay; Bowmore and Kilchoman are two other distilleries where you’ll discover those flavours.

Whisky is simply a way of life on this picturesque island, providing work as much as warmth. Peat has a huge influence on whisky from Islay, creating an unmistakable, enriching heat. Whiskies here tend to be smokey with a notable kick to them creating that iconic maritime feel.

There are nine working distilleries here, with two more on their way! The first one came way back in 1779, and since then the gorgeous water of life has poured proudly from Islay out to the world.

Sometimes known as the Queen of the Hebrides, Islay boasts fertile soil, extensive peat bogs, and wonderful soft peaty water. These are great foundations for high quality whisky, topped off with a delightful sea breeze and traditional techniques making Islay’s products easily distinguishable.


Typical Characteristics

  • Brine
  • Seaweed
  • Carbolic Soap
  • Apple
  • Smoke
  • Kippers

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